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The BCC: Warehouse hosts a wide array of arts events to activate the Boulder creative community. In addition to special collaborations and individual shows, throughout the year BCC curates themed exhibitions and events to showcase local artists at the cutting edge of their craft.

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william stoehr closing exhibition


“An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.” - Nina Simone

This exhibit is an exploration of how curated space can facilitate personal and shared experience and encourage social action.

In this space I want you to emotionally respond, to experience the reality, to create your own narrative and then to ask important questions. This means tackling the human condition with its suffering, conflict, violence, discrimination, exploitation, intolerance, indifference and addiction as well as its dignity, redemption, perseverance, resilience, forgiveness and love. It means protecting our environment. And it means peacefully yet powerfully resisting efforts to undermine our basic human rights.

There is power in Gothic, Byzantine and Renaissance altarpieces, icons and art. Grand churches have a materiality and influence that transcends mere brick and mortar. The stained-glass, iconography, precious metals, incense, candles and soaring arches are all meaningful but when taken together they exude a transcendent energy which I now wish to tap with this installation. 

Throughout all of this is my quest for essential reality – an unquestionable presence and reality of the viewer’s making that is more real than mere paint and illusion. Something causes you to experience this in a way that goes beyond simply observing an image. The power of objects, our own non-linear emotional experiences, traces of the past and mental images along with the cues I contribute might contribute to this essential reality.





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