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BCC Fall Collective Exhibition


The BCC: Warehouse hosts a wide array of arts events to activate the Boulder creative community. In addition to special collaborations and individual shows, throughout the year BCC curates themed exhibitions and events to showcase local artists at the cutting edge of their craft.

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BCC Fall Collective Exhibition

The BCC opens its Fall Exhibition with a collection of new works by Collective artists' working in new and experimental media centered around the theme: Art for Social Change.

Featured Collective Artists: David Clay Bridges, Sam Cikauskas, Will Day, Kelly Degnan, Jackson Ellis, Brian Fouhy, Lucia Francis, Paula Gillen, Erica Green, Jen Herling, Kevin Hoth, Sarah Kinn, Neil P. Pizza, Steve Porsborg, Carin Reich, William Singer, Daniel Stolberg, Ellie Swensson, Julia Vandenoever

The BCC will also feature Mary Mattingly; a participating artist in The Boulder Office of Arts and Culture's Experiments in Public Art Program. Mattingly will present her project in this series titled 'Everything At Once.' 

What are the connections between military action and material extraction in the U.S.? How do we understand a bigger system that was written for us, before us, and by proxy perpetuated by us? The ever presence of objects with violent histories undeniably draws out the connections and contradictions we live with everyday in the U.S. With an expanding military economy and slow erosion of public services, the sculpture titled “Everything At Once” engages not in silence or silos but instead turns outward to reimagine public life together.  

*Experiments in Public Art is an ongoing series of public interventions that serve as a city-wide laboratory expanding the potential of public art.*