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Boulder Weekly: Cultivating and Curating, Boulder Creative Collective Builds Art and Culture 


"Just then he saw a post from Boulder Creative Collective (BCC) — a brand new, small startup in Colorado with a mission to support artists and develop their markets. He’d heard of BCC before, from a friend of a friend, and so on a whim sent them an email to rent their last remaining studio for the summer. The next day he packed his bags, bought a train ticket to Colorado and headed west."

By Sarah Haas, Published February 2nd, 2017

Daily Camera: Boulder artist William Stoehr's exhibit takes in 'Victims Witnesses Survivors'


"It was a chill that wouldn't shake.

Perhaps it was aggravated by a lingering burden resting upon much of America on Inauguration Day. Or maybe it was the biting 34-degree Boulder evening that whirred outside of the Boulder Creative Collective warehouse as various art lovers shuffled in and out.

But what really triggered that chill came from behind that yellow door, inside that warehouse in east Boulder."

By Christy Fantz, Published January 26, 2017

Boulder Lifestyle Magazine: The Art of the Bar


Continuing our styled bar cart saga with the Boulder Creative Collective. Here's something repurposed with a purpose. 

By Dana Lapinel, Published November 30, 2016

Daily Camera: Boulder Creative Collective brings studio, exhibit warehouse to LoBo


A bright yellow door marks the entrance to a quirky arts oasis on the east side of Boulder. It's called the Boulder Creative CollectiveWarehouse, and it aims to breathe life into the emerging, so-called Lower East Side of town.

By Aimee Heckel, Published September 15, 2016

luxe. Interiors + Design



By Edie Ure, Published July 2016

ALOC: The Boulder Creative Collective: An Inspirational Art Community

By Scott Rowland, Published July 6, 2016

Boulder Lifestyle Magazine: Call Me Old Fashioned


Bar carts are back and better than ever. As Part of a new series of styled bar cats, we paired up with Boulder Creative Collective to create a cart fit for a gentleman. 

Styling & Concept: The Boulder Creative Collective/Photography:Kelsey Huffer/Libration: cocktail caravan

Boulder Lifestyle Magazine: #Women to Follow

"There are so many woman and woman-owned businesses we follow on Instagram who inspire us. These women step outside our comfort zone. They take chances. They push their creativity more than they knew possible."

By Kate Manz, Published March 30, 2016

Press Release CU Boulder: Published March 17th, 2016


Contemporary Tibetan Artist: Gonkar Gyatso

"Widely considered the father of contemporary Tibetan art, Gonkar Gyatso was one of a number of young Tibetans seeking new vehicles for creative expression and co-founded the Sweet Tea House artists’ collective in Lhasa in in 1984. Later he left Tibet first for the exile community in Dharamsala and then to pursue further studies in the UK. Throughout his career, Gonkar has produced mixed media works that disrupt traditional Tibetan art, referencing conceptual frameworks ranging from Kandinsky to Cubism as well as drawing on Buddhist symbols. Controversial to some, Gonkar’s works emphasize questions of identity, performance, displacement and exile, and the commodification of Tibetan Buddhism."

Buddha in the Bathroom: 

Appropriation and Pop Culture in Contemporary Tibetan Art

Public Lecture by Gonkar Gyatso*Tuesday, April 5 | Hale 270 at CU Boulder*Reception: 6:00 pm, Lecture: 6:30 pm

Press Release: Tibetan Arts Week April 4th-10th


Tibetan contemporary artist Gonkar Gyatso to create first ever “performance piece” in The Boulder Creative Collective’s new collaborative warehouse space

"Born in Lhasa, educated in mainland China, and resident of the UK, the trajectory of contemporary artist Gonkar Gyatso reflects the dynamics--and pressures--of modern Tibetan life. His Buddha images, hollowed of traditional iconography and filled instead with pop art stickers, have become iconic commentaries on the internationalization and commodification of Tibetan Buddhism. These and his other mixed media works disrupt traditional Tibetan Buddhist art, referencing conceptual frameworks ranging from Kandinsky to Cubism. Controversial to some, Gonkar’s works harken to issues of identity performance, cultural expectations, and displacement and exile.

Gonkar is visiting Boulder as part of Tibetan Arts Week, April 4-10, 2016. In addition to public lectures at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Denver Art Museum, Gonkar will be conducting his first-ever performance, taking place at the Boulder Creative Collective’s brand new warehouse space, located just off the Boulder Creek Path. His progressive installation offers a firsthand look into the creative process of one of the world’s foremost contemporary artists, described as “a physical manifestation of Gonkar’s studio practice. Long interested in form and aesthetics, his newest work takes those interests to a new extreme.” 

The public is welcome to a sneak preview of the installation in process between 2-5pm on Friday. On Sunday, April 10th, the public is invited to celebrate the installation’s unveiling by sharing “Sweet Tea with Gonkar Gyatso” beginning at 2pm through 5pm. Boulder Creative Collective is located at 2500 47th St. Unit #10, between Valmont and Pearl. Signs will point the way for cyclists and motorists alike to this brand new alternative arts space, formerly the home of 303 Vodka.

Gonkar Gyatso’s work has been shown worldwide, recently featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2014 exhibit, “Tibet and India: Buddhist Traditions and Transformation.” The New York Times characterizes his work as giving “religious symbols an irreverent twist” by mixing “Buddhist iconography and pop images like colorful children’s stickers.” In 1985, he co-founded the Sweet Tea House artists’ collective in Lhasa as one of a group of young Tibetans seeking new vehicles for creative expression, a path that led him to leave Tibet first for the exile community in Dharamsala and later to pursue further studies in the UK. He now lives in London, where he opened the Sweet Tea House Gallery." 

Westword: Twelve Things to Do and See During Mo’Print, Denver’s Month of Printmaking


Black Box at madelife
Now through March 31
Reception: 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, March 4

"Boulder’s Madelife continues to support the area's emerging artists with this print-centric solo show by Chloé Besson, which crosses genres to include lithography, cyanotypes and photography."

By Susan Froyd, Published March 3rd, 2016

Boulder Lifestyle Magazine: Boulder Creative Collective Pop-Up Art Shows

Moving to a new place is one of the most exciting feelings to experience, but along with excitement also comes the feeling of not being ‘in the know.’ Kelly Cope Russack, Addrienne Amato and Lee Massey-Heekin all moved to Boulder between 2010-12 and felt like they couldn’t break into the already-established art scene. Fortunately, they all met each other.

By Dana Lapinel, Photos By Julia Vandenoever, Published September 27th, 2015